Pokemon Go trainers hope player gets “out of there alive” after being swarmed

Chris Studley
A trio of Pokemon in Pokemon Go

A Pokemon Go trainer joked about a sticky situation, in which the individual was surrounded by several Pokemon in a deserted area on the map.

The Pokemon franchise has featured a number of tough Fighting-types that no person would want to deal with in a real-life situation if they were real.

One Go player, however, recently received a glimpse of what it would be like to fight off a Pokemon — or several, in this instance — in Pokemon Go

One trainer documented a sticky situation, one that involved being surrounded by two hard-nosed Pokemon and a resourceful Grass-type creature.

Toxicroak in Pokemon Go Fighting Cup

Pokemon Go player surrounded by Sawk and Toxicroak

On Reddit, a trainer by the name of ‘kyousoma’ posted a screenshot of the game, in which they were in an area devoid of Gyms and PokeStops. However, there were Pokemon around.

The trainer was surrounded in a circle by two Fighting-type Pokemon, Sawk and Toxicroak, as well as Tangela. The Go player joked about being accosted by the trio with the caption, “Well guys, take everything [I] have, just don’t hit.”

A commenter joked that the trainer should either throw a Razz Berry or “play dead” to get out of the sticky situation.

One player teased that Tangela — the outlier of the group, given his Pokemon type — was the “boss” of the three.

Others, on the other hand, were jealous that the trainer encountered both a Tangela and Sawk. The former, for what it’s worth, is needed for the Platinum Kanto Medal and progression towards the All in One #151 Masterwork Research challenge.

In other Go-related news, Niantic announced that a makeup event for the Squirtle Community Day Classic will take place later this month.

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