Pokemon Go trainers call for “favorite” Snorlax event to return

Pokemon Go Snorlax EventNiantic

Pokemon Go fans have struggled with the difficulty of recent events in the mobile app, leaving many to reminisce about past events like the “Snoozing with Snorlax” celebration of 2019.

Pokemon Go fans have had a difficult year while playing the mobile app. During the early spring, Community Day timeframes were cut in half, and shortly after Incense spawn rates were nerfed. While many were hopefully the changes would be reversed, they were instead followed by increases to item boxes in the store and lackluster events.

For many, months of glitchy events and poor communication from Niantic has created a sense of burnout when playing Pokemon Go. This has led the community to reminisce about past events that were popular and fun to participate in.

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One such event from 2019, called “Snoozing with Snorlax” has made a particularly humorous resurgence. Fans are expressing a desire to see the enormous, snoozing Normal-type return to the in-game map for another event.

Pokemon Go fans ask for a Shiny Snorlax takeover

In a recent Twitter post uploaded by AMindJokePoGo, the player looked back on the Snorlax event, stating, “Do you remember this event? 100% catch rate sleeping Snorlax EVERYWHERE? Probably one of the most fun events this game ever had, missing it”.

Other Pokemon Go fans jumped in, adding their thoughts in the comments below the tweet. Alostgirlmistao said “It was awesome. Snorlax everywhere, easy guaranteed catch… I also got a wild and a lucky hundo” while NLGembe11 added, “They should bring it back. Could use XL candy for it!!”.

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To add to the nostalgic memories, Tackleman121 chimed in, “especially fun if you remember that those Snorlax had a 100% catch rate with the GO Plus :D” and iMysticalman offered “I started playing PoGo with this event”.

Many players also were keen for a repeat of the event, hoping to catch the Kantonian Pokemon as Shiny. While Snorlax is cute and cuddly, it is also extremely useful in the Go Battle League for its powerful attacks and brutal defense. Because of this, a return of a snoozy Snorlax event would be both fun for casual players and useful for those wanting to play competitively.

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