Pokemon Go trainer terrified after entering Gym and finding “The Addams Family”

pokemon go adams family headerNiantic / MGM

One Pokemon Go trainer was left stunned after entering a random Gym only to find a themed team resembling the iconic Addams Family.

With just over 900 Pokemon, creating themed teams is one of the most fun things veteran players can do.

Some trainers get incredibly creative with their Pokemon teams, using themes like astrological signs or even basing them off iconic teams from the Pokemon anime.

Now, one Pokemon Go player discovered a Gym populated by a team bearing an uncanny resemblance to The Addams Family.

Pokemon Go trainer finds spooky themed-team

The discovery came from a user on the Pokemon Go subreddit, who made a post with the title “I think I found the Pokémon Go version of The Adams Family.”

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The attached image showed a spooky team that included Gengar, Gothitelle, Haunter, Gastly, and Gothorita.

The original poster captioned the post and said “Pretty cute lineup that some strangers put together and fitting for the spooky season.”

While not a direct one-to-one recreation, the comparisons basically draw themselves, with Gothitelle’s tall figure clad in black clearly meant to invoke Morticia Addams.

Additionally, Gothorita’s smaller stature — still completely clad in black — certainly brings to mind the daughter of the family, Wednesday Addams.

Gengar could easily represent Gomez Addams, given his bulkier, squat figure. Of course, other trainers in the replies left some feedback on which Pokemon they could include to round out the family.

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“Missing a Piloswine for Cousin Itt,” said user Kittypocalypz, who referenced the character’s extremely hairy appearance. Another user suggested “GoLurk for Lurch,” the towering, lumbering butler of the family.

“I’d swap Haunter for Dusclops for Fester but this is great,” said user DefiantTheLion, who made a valid point considering Dusclops’ rounder shape and overall demeanor.

With Halloween right around the corner, it seems plenty of trainers are eager to get into the spooky spirit with some more fun, themed teams of their own.