Will Greninja return in Pokemon Ultimate Journeys? Ash’s final team rumors

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Pokemon anime fans are speculating which Pokemon Ash will bring with him to the final Championship battle against Leon in Pokemon Ultimate Journeys, and many hope to see the return of a Kalos favorite.

Pokemon anime fans are preparing for the Pokemon World Coronation Series Tournament final battle, and many are curious to know how Ash will handle the showdown against World Champion Leon. While many are conflicted on what the outcome of the match will mean for the anime, the excitement is electrifying for fans of the series.

During Pokemon Journeys episode 127, Ash skips training for a rest day. He and Goh fill their time with some nostalgic shenanigans in the area where Goh met his Scorbunny in the first season. However, this also means fans of the series weren’t able to get a look at any strategies Ash may be planning for the final battle.

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With Ash and Goh now separated, as Goh was called away to handle business for Project Mew at the end of the Pokemon Journeys episode, it is unclear how he will segue into the challenge. However, several fans have speculated on a few possible scenarios.

Pokemon anime fans want Greninja to make an appearance

In a Twitter post shared by PokeFansTaiwan, the account shares speculation about the possibility of Greninja returning for the final match.

Ash’s Greninja, which journeyed with him through the Kalos seasons of the Pokemon anime “XYZ”, has been almost as beloved as Ash’s Charizard. Both companions have appeared in Pokemon Journeys, but neither has rejoined Ash’s current battle team.

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Several Pokemon anime fans have jumped in to offer questions or speculations, with CFCPokeSpider stating “So is he coming back or not? And does this confirm that the Ash-Greninja form is retconned now that the ability is changed, if he returns?” in reference to Greninja’s special ability. Meanwhile, Twitter user fonzyisdecent adds “He would be extremely cool but I wouldn’t keep my hopes up”.

Will Greninja return to Ash’s team in Pokemon Ultimate Journeys

The short answer is no, he will not return.

As shared by another user on Twitter, Ash’s team has already been confirmed in publications hyping the Pokemon Journeys episode. According to the spread, Dragonite, Gengar, Lucario, Pikachu, Sirfetch’d, and Dracovish will continue to accompany Ash as he sets out to challenge Leon.

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Additionally, Ash will be going up against Leon’s Charizard, Dragapult, and Rillaboom according to the same publication. It isn’t known if Leon will have any secrets planned for the Pokemon Journeys Protagonist at this time.

While the outcome of this match will likely determine the future of the Pokemon anime, it is clear that favorites from past regions are likely not going to be anything more than side-line cheerleaders this time around.