Pokemon Go trainer shares helpful tip ahead of Master Ball release

Dylan Horetski
The Master Ball in Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go trainers have taken to Reddit to share a helpful tip for other players ahead of the Master Ball’s release.

It’s finally time. Nearly 7 years after the release of Pokemon Go, trainers will finally be able to acquire a Master Ball for the first time.

Created to offer a 100% catch rate in the mainline games, players around the world are already thinking about what Pokemon they’ll use it on.

Ahead of its release, a Pokemon Go trainer is sharing a helpful tip to make sure players don’t waste their Master Ball.

Pokemon Go trainer shares helpful Master Ball tip

Posted in the Pokemon Go subreddit, user pierreo93 shared his tip for trainers deciding how to use their Master Ball when it releases.

“With the Masterball being introduced to Pokemon Go, it seems like a good time to remind people that shiny legendaries from raids are guaranteed catches on the first ball that hit them, so please PLEASE do not use your Masterball on them, and instead just use a Pinap for extra candy,” they said.

Since the launch of Shiny Legendary Pokemon in the game, Pokemon Go has offered 100% catch rate to guarantee trainers the extremely rare catch.

However, many trainers are currently worried that Niantic may decide to remove the definite catch rate once the Master Ball releases, instead making trainers acquire more of them for rare encounters.

As usual, though, nothing is set in stone so keep an eye out on our Pokemon Go coverage as the Master Ball’s release gets closer.