Pokemon Go trainer reveals absurd weekly egg-hatching stats after marathon training

Alec Mullins
Eggs in Pokemon Go

Turns out that marathon runners can get absurd egg-hatching rates in Pokemon GO.

Pokemon GO’s movement-based egg hatching system is intended to get players active if they want to collect their unhatched rewards. While the premise works fine for regular people, one marathon runner has proven that it works wonders for the most active of us.

The distance needed to hatch one of these creatures can vary from 2km all the way up to 12km, meaning it takes some serious dedication to get those stubborn long-distance hatchlings to reveal themselves.

That’s why marathon running turns out to be such a productive hobby to have for dedicated players.

Pokemon GO marathon runner shows off weekly haul

An image with Free Egg Incubators in Pokemon Go
Trainers need incubators to hatch their eggs in a timely manner.

In a June 13 Reddit post the athlete in question showed off their most recent weekly distance report. On top of walking almost 90,000 steps, they managed to hatch an astounding 194 eggs in just seven days.

They also collected 39 candies along the way, making the deal that much sweeter.

The runner clarified that this was a pretty special week, and that the usual output in normally only half of this abnormal haul but that means they’re still hatching nearly 100 eggs a week.

While the Shiny rates for hatched ‘mon are still low all around, this kind of pace would certainly up a trainer’s chances of stumbling on one sooner than the average player.

It might not be a viable strategy for everyone, but that means hitting the treadmill and preparing for even just a 10k could do wonders for someone’s collection.