Pokemon Go trainer gets huge Shiny surprise in KFC parking lot

Pokemon Go logo in front of a KFC restaurantKFC/The Pokemon Company

Finding a Shiny in Pokemon Go is quite the achievement in itself but to find one in a KFC parking lot just in time for dinner is another level of luck.

Pokemon Go has been a worldwide phenomenon since its release in 2016 and play has found big catches in all kinds of strange places. While some of the most impressive feats have required players to show off equally impressive determination to get their reward, it doesn’t always have to be so complicated.

In fact, one trainer took to Reddit and shared the story of how they picked up an elusive Shiny in the same parking lot where they picked up their dinner.

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Pokemon Go player finds a shiny in the parking lot of KFC

PoGo player VagileDolphin made quite the discovery when they found a random shiny in the parking lot of KFC.

The catch in question happened to be a Burmy and it might as well have been lumped in as part of the meal deal thanks to the super convenient location.

Other players stopped in to ask questions and tip their cap to this catch, and of course, someone asked mentioned the food, to which the trainer happily shared what brought them to the chicken spot in the first place.

“10-piece mini fillet bucket and 3 x supercharger sauce. Demolished it all and bloated as in work all afternoon.”

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Other fans suggested that the Burmy should get a topical nickname to celebrate the momentous occasion, with one specifically offering up ‘The Colonel’ as a clever nod to the restaurant’s founder Harland Sanders, who has also served as the de-facto mascot for the company for much of its storied history.

While it’s rare to find Shinies anywhere in Pokemon Go, the odds of finding them at the same place as the 11 secret herbs & spices is a downright statistical anomaly.