Pokemon Go player finally completes Shiny Gen 1 Pokedex after six years

Zackerie Fairfax
pokemon go kanto pokemon

A Pokemon Go player recently completed a task they’ve been working on for the last six years: filling out the entire Kanto Dex with Shiny Pokemon.

Unlike mainline Pokemon games, Pokemon Go doesn’t offer the Shiny version of every pocket monster from the get-go. In fact, it wasn’t until 2021 – nearly five years after the game’s release – that every Kanto Shiny was included in the game.

But even still, the mobile game only offers a handful of Pokemon at a time rotating smaller groups within the 730+ creatures in the game’s files. So, while it is possible to get all 151 Shiny Gen 1 Pokemon, it’ll take some time for them all to make it back into the rotation.

And that was proven to be true for Reddit user TheHeroOfTatem who was able to complete a Pokemon Go Kanto Shiny Dex… but it took them six years to do so.

Pokemon Go Shiny Kanto Dex

On September 10, TheHeroOfTatem would celebrate their accomplishment with a post on the r/pokemongo subreddit.

The screenshot that accompanied the post showed that they had, in fact, captured or evolved every Shiny Pokemon in Kanto.

“FINALLY! After six years my gen 1 shiny dex has been completed,” they stated before detailing their travels. “I’ve been to 3 countries and 6 states since the release of this game.”

Their Shinies included Mew, who is locked behind a long and arduous quest line, and all of the Gen 1 Legendaries that have to be obtained through Raids. But despite these difficult-to-acquire Pokemon, the last one on their list was not what some players expected.

“Shiny Slowpoke believe it or not, finally got one during psychic week and all the regionals are legit, been to both Japan and Australia in 2017 went to Sweden in 2019.”

And they aren’t stopping at Gen 1 either. Their post detailed how they only have 4 more Shinies to find to complete their Johto Dex, although it only contains 96 Pokemon total compared to Kanto’s 151.

Regardless, their six-year journey to Catch ’em all has come to a close. And as one arc of the Pokemon anime ends, another is sure to start for TheHeroOfTatem.