Pokemon Go trainer finds Gardevoir with new “family” after returning to Gym

pokemon go gardevoir anime headerThe Pokemon Company / Niantic

A Pokemon Go trainer was met with a wholesome surprise after they returned to check on their Gardevoir they left in an empty Gym.

Sometimes when Pokemon Go trainers run into an empty Gym there’s no telling what they may find later on down the line.

Oftentimes, fans just expect to see strong Pokemon crop up after a while. However, sometimes fellow teammates get crafty and decide to fill the Gym with incredibly rare Shinies or themed teams centered around the original monster.

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This was the case with one trainer who decided to leave their Gardevoir in an empty Gym, only to return hours later to discover that it had “gained a whole family” in the time they were away.

Pokemon Go trainer’s Gardevoir gains new “family”

A post on the Pokemon Go subreddit showed off this wholesome interaction with the title, “I left my Gardevoir at this empty gym and by the time i checked it again, she gained a whole family.”

The attached image showed that three other trainers had populated the Gym while they were away. They didn’t include just any random Pokemon though — they submitted a Gallade, a Kirlia, and a Shiny Ralts.

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Members of the community loved this interaction, with many expressing fondness for when trainers make Gyms have themes. “That’s so cute! I love when people adding to gyms are willing to maintain a theme,” said one fan.

Another player joked that the quartet is just “waiting for Iron Valiant to show up,” referring to the Paradox Pokemon introduced in Pokemon Violet.

Others pointed out how amusing it was to see one Shiny Pokemon among the group, given Ralts’ blue coloring stood out amongst the other’s natural green. “That child is clearly adopted,” said one trainer, while another replied, “Both parents just so happened to have recessive blue hair genes in their DNA.”

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The Pokemon Go has had a tumultuous few weeks, it’s always nice to see the community come together to celebrate some lighthearted fun every so often.

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