Pokemon Go player finds disturbing Gym ghost town in the middle of a city

Pokemon Go Empty Gym LogoNiantic

A Pokemon Go player set out to play in their local area, only to find the Gyms surrounding them were abandoned, leaving it a ghost town.

Pokemon Go players have several daily tasks to complete if they want to make the most of the game. Completing Field Research, loading Eggs into incubators, earning hearts with buddies, and spinning PokeStops are all important parts of keeping up with regular content.

However, most players are also waiting to throw their companions into the many Pokemon Go Gyms littered around populated areas. Keeping a Pokemon in a Gym is the key to earning Poke Coins, which are used to buy things like gameplay items and storage expansions.

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While most consider it a lucky grab to find a Gym with a slot open, removing the need to battle a Gym down, one Pokemon Go found a scene that turns good luck into a disturbing, dystopian scene.

Pokemon Go player finds their home Gyms abandoned

In a Reddit post by LunarScholar on the r/pokemongo subreddit, the trainer shares an image of their in-game map. In the distance, all the Gyms stand grey and empty.

Pokemon Go fans below are just as curious as to who would throw away the chance to earn their daily Poke Coins, and toss out several theories. One comments, “Some people don’t want poke coins. Some people just want to watch the world burn.” while another adds, “Spoofers do this in my area. Knock out gyms and leave them open.”

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Several others comment on the need for community kindness, expressing frustration at being knocked out of the Gyms by other players before the 8-hour requirement for the 50 Poke Coin reward is reached. Many theorize that trolls go through and empty the Gyms out, robbing other players of their chance at the rewards during times when defending the Gyms wouldn’t be possible.

Regardless, the eerie sight of Gyms standing empty in the fading background of the image is an unsettling space. It could encourage players to consider tossing their companion in a Pokemon Go Gym in a more populated area.

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