Pokemon Go streamer overjoyed after being “stream sniped” by fan with IRL donation

Jeremy Gan
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Pokemon Go streamer ‘landoralpha’ was surprised after being “stream sniped” by a fan with an IRL donation in the middle of their latest broadcast. 

With the advent of IRL streaming, a category that sees viewers follow a streamer doing everyday activities, IRL donations have also grown alongside it as viewers attempt to track down their favorite personalities and hand them a real-life cash donation. 

Many of these IRL donations can be quite wholesome as it gives a chance for viewers to show their appreciation for their favorite streamer, and in kind, for streamers to personally thank their viewers too. 

This is what happened when a Pokemon Go streamer was in the middle of their latest IRL stream which hilariously resulted in him receiving $2 from a fan. 

During a regular Pokemon Go IRL live stream, landoralpha was walking around when he was suddenly called out by a random passerby who announced himself as a viewer.

The viewer, RLMel, caught the streamer by surprise as he was obviously not expecting the interaction, responding with a confused “Wait, what?”

“We just got an IRL dono, what is this? Landor said into the camera shortly after. “We just got a $2 dono in-person chat, that’s actually wild,” he added with a smile on his face.

Landor would go on to post the encounter with RLMel, with the caption, “My first time ever getting stream sniped dono during a Pokemon Go IRL stream. 

He even joked that the IRL donation from RLMel was “better than the shiny” he had just caught earlier in the day. And many in Landor’s comments soon called him “street famous” while discussing how “wild” the IRL donation was.

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