Stream sniper surprises Twitch streamer by taking IRL donations to whole new level

. 4 weeks ago
Crazy IRL Twitch donation in south korea

An IRL Twitch streamer was left absolutely mesmerized after receiving one of the wildest donations from a stream sniper in the history of the platform.

The popularity of IRL Twitch streams has been increasing over the years and spiking now that international travel has resumed, we’ve seen all sorts of wild shenanigans so far in 2022.

As more and more streamers travel the globe and explore new cities, some viewers have taken extreme measures to impact the broadcasts in the form of IRL stream sniping.

On June 1, streamers CookSux and Yoon were exploring South Korea when a viewer showed up to offer a donation and did so in style.

IRL stream sniper amazes Twitch streamer with wild donation

While streaming in a parking lot, a car pulled in and used a custom horn honk to get CookSux’s attention.

As the streamer looked on, the car’s hood opened, enticing the Twitch star to walk closer and see what was inside.

“What the hell is that?!” he gasped while peering downwards revealing a piece of paper with the word ‘donate’ written on it.

IRL twitch donation
An IRL stream sniper pulled off an extreme donation.

Amusingly, underneath the paper was two dollars in cash, which CookSux was quick to nab before Yoon revealed the stream sniper was actually her viewer.

In the end, both streamers absolutely amazed at the length the viewer was willing to go to donate a couple of dollars. We may be halfway through 2022, but this might be the greatest IRL donation of the year.

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