Pokemon GO streamer appalled by stranger’s attempt to kiss her while live

Meera Jacka
Pokémon GO streamer appalled by stranger's attempt to kiss her while live

A Pokemon GO streamer was live on Twitch when she captured the shocking moment a seemingly drunk man attempted to kiss her.

Pokemon GO encourages trainers from all around the world to get outside and “overcome challenges, catch more Pokémon, and forge friendships”.

However, one streamer playing the augmented reality mobile game encountered an unexpected challenge that wasn’t a part of the Pokemon GO experience.

While live on Twitch, IRL streamer ‘j0beats’ captured the moment an elderly man attempted to kiss her.

While streaming on Twitch and playing the popular game, j0beats was approached by two men who she determined had a couple of drinks under their belt.

“Is that a camera?” One of the men can be heard asking before both appeared on the screen.

The men went on to ask j0beats what Pokemon was and introduced themselves as Glen and Barry from Sheffield. However, things quickly took an uncomfortable turn.

j0beats on Instagram
j0beats states she is the 5th most watched Pokémon GO channel on Twitch

After j0beats introduced herself as Jo, one of the men — Glen — jumped at the opportunity to add, “My missus is called Jo.”

“Leave it, Glen, now leave it,” Barry said, perhaps already suspecting what was to come. He seemed to try to move the pair along, but Glen was not dissuaded and instead asked about j0beats’ false eyelashes.

“Do you want a pair?” j0beats responded before being instructed to close her eyes for “a look.” However, as soon as the streamer’s eyes were closed, Glen attempted to kiss j0beats.

She managed to walk away from the pair, telling her viewers, “Sexual assault live on stream. Okay, I didn’t appreciate that… f*** me that was close.”

We hope j0beats is ok following the inappropriate interaction and wish her the best of luck for all future streams. For all the latest entertainment news, be sure to check out our page here.

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