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Pokemon Go Solstice event 2020 – Start time, bonuses, more

Published: 19/Jun/2020 3:03

by Paul Cot


The Pokemon Go Solstice event is returning for the first time since 2017. Here’s what we can look forward to in the 2020 edition.

The event celebrates the longest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere and the shortest in the Southern. From June 20, days will get gradually shorter in the Northern Hemisphere and longer in the Southern.

Enough of the astronomy lesson though, let’s talk about what it means for the Pokemon Go. The Solstice-themed event will take place from June 19, 8am local time to June 24, 10pm local time.

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Shiny Clefairy

Perhaps the most exciting part of the event is the introduction of Shiny Clefairy to the wild. The popular fairy-type Pokemon will also be found in 5km eggs, Raid Battles and in event-exclusive Field Research tasks.


Its Shiny form has been available in Pokemon Go previously but only through evolving a Shiny Cleffa. This is only available through hatching eggs and is therefore super rare, so trainers will welcome the opportunity to add this Shiny to their collection.

Shiny Clefairy Pokemon Go
Pokemon Company
How many Shiny Clefairy do you hope to find?

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Naturally Cleffa and Clefairy lack the stats needed to compete in the Pokemon Go meta. However, Clefable is one of the strongest fairy-type species and can be a rather useful addition in GO Battle League. Its excellent moveset and typing makes it a fantastic counter to frequently used dragon-types in PvP.

Lunatone and Solrock switching up

The Meteorite Pokemon are regional exclusives in the world of Pokemon Go and as the event is all about Hemispheres, it’s appropriate they are part of it. All trainers will have their chance to capture each of Lunatone and Solrock as they will be appearing more frequently in the wild at the following times.


From June 19, 8am local time to June 20, 11:59pm local time, Lunatone will be moving to the eastern hemisphere and Solrock to the western. Then, from June 21, 12am local time to June 22, 11:59pm local time, it’ll be a free for all as both will appearing more often everywhere.

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For the remainder of the event, Lunatone and Solrock will go back to their original hemispheres (west and east respectively) and spawn more frequently there. Once the event finishes they will stay in their respective regions.

There is one constant bonus throughout the event – 2x Catch Stardust. With GO Battle League still down trainers will welcome the opportunity to grind some Catch Stardust and stock up on Clefairy, Lunatone and Solrock. Elsewhere, Zekrom Raids will be running throughout the event.