Pokemon Go removes Regieleki Timed Research ahead of Elite Raid debut

Dylan Horetski
Regieleki Sword and Shield

Niantic has removed the Pokemon Go Timed Research that was set to launch ahead of Regieleki’s debut in Elite Raids on April 9.

Pokemon Go’s latest season, Rising Heroes, has given trainers a variety of events to enjoy such as the Spring into Spring event.

The debut of Regieleki is set to happen on April 9, 2023, in a series of Elite Raid battles, and was set to give trainers a limited Timed Research to give trainers Regirock, Regice, and Registeel candy.

However, Niantic has announced the removal of the Timed Research during the event as they work to “improve” the distribution method.

Niantic removes Regieleki Timed Research ahead of launch

In a tweet on April 6, 2023, Niantic Support shared the news with fans which has been viewed over 100,000 times.

“Trainers, we’d like to inform you that we will be removing the Timed Research for the upcoming Regieleki Elite Raid while we work to improve its intended distribution method,” they said.

“This Timed Research will be offered at a later date which will be announced in the near future.”

While the company has made it clear trainers will be able to access the Timed Research at a later date, players aren’t exactly happy about continued issues with Elite Raids as well as the new Remote Raid pass nerf.

“Raids gonna be bugged again but it doesn’t matter, there won’t be enough players around most the world due to the boycott of your game. Address and reverse the planned changes for remote raids. Acknowledge that a virtual community is just as important as a local one,” one user said.

Another commented: “Just rescheduling the whole thing to not be on Easter would be best really.”

Back in March 2023, Pokemon Go sparked backlash with the launch of Regidrago Elite Raids as the event was plagued with issues.