Pokemon Go player finds area in Poland overflowing with tons of PokeStops

Brianna Reeves
pokemon go pokestops Poland

While on vacation in Poland, one Pokemon Go player found an area filled with an overabundance of PokeStops.

PokeStops provide real-world destinations for Pokemon Go players to find in the wild. The stops are usually located alongside notable points of interest, such as historical landmarks.

And they’re more than just neat places to visit while traveling. Finding a PokeStop can unlock access to a range of Pokemon Go items, including the likes of potions and PokeBalls. Some lucky players may even walk away with an egg.

In some cases, luck may have little to do with it, particularly if a player stumbles upon an area where PokeStops are in great supply.

Pokemon Go fan finds a sea of PokeStops on vacation in Poland

A Redditor shared a POGO screenshot showcasing the dozens upon dozens of PokeStops that littered an area of Poland. In some places, the stops look as if they may be stacked atop one another.

The user confirmed in a reply that the location on display is actually Gdańsk, one of Poland’s port cities. Apparently, this isn’t the only part of the country overflowing with PokeStops.

“I’m on vacation so yea every single city in Poland just has a ridiculous amount of stops,” the original poster wrote in response to someone who said they live in the middle of nowhere and would love to be surrounded by PokeStops.

Other Pokemon Go players expressed confusion, given how often they’re rejected when sending PokeStop submissions. “I see something like this and then I try and send in a submission for a PokeStop close to me and it gets rejected. Like how is this fair?”

And it’s especially odd since Niantic’s help center warns that nominations in close proximity to existing PokeStops “will most likely be considered ineligible.”

Evidently, Poland’s Pokemon Go community benefited from lax reviewers when it came to approving PokeStops.

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