“Crazy” PokeStop cluster leaves Pokemon Go fans jealous

Chris Studley
A cluster of Pokemon Go Pokestops

A Pokemon Go player in Europe showcased quite the luxury, in a massive cluster of Pokestops found in a high-population city.

Most Pokemon Go players — especially those who play on a budget — know just how important Pokestops are in Niantic’s mobile game.

However, those who live in high-population areas are generally more fortunate to have more Pokestops in their general vicinity… but maybe not this many.

One traveling Pokemon Go player showed off a massive cluster of Pokestops found in a city in Poland that left the community in awe.

Sceptile and Pokestop

Pokemon Go player finds massive cluster of Pokestops

The Pokemon Go player, who was visiting Europe, shared an incredible in-game screenshot on Reddit. The picture featured a large cluster of Pokestops concentrated in one area, which included over a dozen in the radius where the player took the shot.

The original poster claimed to have taken the screenshot in Gdansk, Poland, a city that had a population of over 500,000 people as of 2017.

Several players admired the amount of Pokestops in the screenshot, including one from New York City, who remarked “even we don’t have it that good.”

Others noted that the Pokemon Go Community Day spawns must be very good in that area. Although, another remarked about that notion, “Imagine trying to click on [the spawns] though.”

However, the screenshot also shined a light on what is a heavily-weighted Pokestop to Gym ratio, as very few Gyms can be found in the image. One player said regarding the lack of Gyms, “And all these stops and only 2 [G]yms is nuts.”

Speaking of Community Day, Niantic will hold a Pokemon Go Community Day Classic on July 9. Well-known Kanto region Pokemon Squirtle will be the focus, and those evolve a Squirtle into Wartortle, and Wartortle into Blastoise will received the Charged Attack Hydro Cannon.

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