Pokemon Go players subjected to freezing temperatures to participate in Hoenn Tour

pokemon anime ash frozen pokemon go logo headerThe Pokemon Company / Niantic

Pokemon Go players have shared their experiences braving the February weather throughout the Global Hoenn Tour event.

Pokemon Go’s Global Hoenn Tour event has not been smooth sailing for most trainers, as many have experienced frustrating bugs or voiced their annoyance at the event’s lack of bonuses.

This has left many struggling, as the event is the global debut for both Primal Groudon and Kyogre – two powerful Legendary Pokemon many trainers want to snag for themselves.

However, some of the frustration surrounding the event has come from factors outside of developer Niantic itself, as many have cited the weather conditions in some areas have made the event particularly brutal.

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Pokemon Go players vent about brutal weather conditions

A post on the Pokemon Go subreddit made a joke about the experience of Canadian fans participating in the Global Hoenn Tour event, with a picture of the character Elsa from Frozen discovering her hands freezing over.

The OP commented on the post explaining the meme and said, “Today, I was walking around the downtown of my city, strategically choosing which streets have buildings tall enough to shield me from the blowing snow.”

Thankfully, they were able to duck inside various public buildings to get some warmth back into their hands, but playing out in the blistering cold is never overly fun.

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The post sparked a discussion from other trainers who also had to brave some nasty weather for a chance to enjoy the event. “Southern California here. You’d think it’d be a balmy 60-70F but nope. We were running on rain all day, 30-45 degrees F, and even snow in some areas??? That’s really rare here.” I opted for an indoor mall after an hour of getting showered on.”

Another trainer noted that the February time slot seemed contradictory to the theme of the event. “…When I think of Hoenn region I think of warm weather, lots of water, and tropical areas. Instead, they held it during February when there was snow instead of June/July which would have been more comfortable for the players and more fitting.”

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Still, some trainers opted to offer helpful tips to others braving the cold, like Reddit user Kangadilla who said, “Thick heated gloves and a Stylus pen is the key to cold weather playing.”

While many trainers have already had to brave the elements throughout the Global Hoenn Tour, it’s always important to remember to prepare and stay safe while battling the elements to play Pokemon Go.