Pokemon Go Hoenn Tour trainers frustrated after encountering Remote Raid Pass bug

pokemon go hoenn remote raid pass headerNiantic

Pokemon Go trainers raiding in the Hoenn Tour Global event have claimed a bug with Remote Raid Passes locked them out of the raid after their party fainted.

Pokemon Go’s Hoenn Tour Global event is finally live, meaning trainers from all around the world can finally take on Primal Groudon and Kyogre for themselves.

Some trainers were worried going into the event as the Hoenn Tour in Las Vegas was plagued with issues that prevented some ticket holders from enjoying it to the fullest.

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Now, it seems trainers have started encountering a bug with Remote Raid Passes that, upon the party fainting, kicks them out of the raid and stops them from joining back in.

Pokemon Go Hoenn Tour Remote Raid Pass bug

Multiple trainers have reported the bug on social media after the Niantic Support Twitter account warned players about a visual error with the event.

After the start of the Global Tour event, trainers started to detail their experience with the bug. “I was in a primal Groudon raid using a remote pass earlier today and all my Pokemon fainted so I went to rejoin the battle and instead the game kicked me out of the battle…”

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Apparently, getting kicked from the raid consumed their Remote Raid Pass, prevented them from completing the raid, and from catching the Primal Groudon. Unfortunately, other trainers reported similar issues as well.

“I was raiding with a remote pass on the primal event but after my party died, the game kicked me out of the raid and left a message saying ‘raid ID not found.’ It consumed my remote pass, can I at least have it back?”

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It seems this bug occurred whenever the trainer’s entire party fainted, which isn’t an unlikely scenario given the difficulty of the event’s Primal Raids. Hopefully, Niantic will issue some reimbursement for trainers who were affected by this glitch.