Pokemon Go players slam Niantic after cruel trick still “steals” XP reward

Josh Taylor
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Players of Pokemon Go are left furious with the game’s developers Niantic after troublesome players are still able to exploit an in-game feature and take their XP reward.

Pokemon fans have always had one of the most dedicated fanbases, and this has proved to be no different with their mobile game Pokemon Go.

Despite millions enjoying playing Pokemon Go every day, players have often voiced their complaints. This has included anything involving both new and existing features that relate to any negative changes, lackluster rewards, improvements needed or even various persistent in-game bugs.

One of which is an issue that has been long abused by troublesome players, which lets them remove another trainer’s rewards and miss out some serious XP. This has left the community in uproar, who have slammed Niantic for still not fixing the cruel trick.

Pokemon Go fans left enraged after players keep stealing their XP.

The Pokemon Go player ChrisSOAD revealed a screenshot of them achieving the milestone of becoming another trainer’s Best Friend.

However, it showed them receiving 0 XP, instead of the 50,000 XP they would have received and 100,000 XP if a Lucky Egg was used. They sarcastically posted alongside the image: “Lit, what a sight.”

This happened because another player, that they teamed up with to complete the Friendship milestone, deleted them off their Friend’s List before they claimed the rewards. This resulted in them receiving 0 XP.

Fellow Pokemon trainers, who had shared a similar experience numerous times, were left outraged and came together to slam Niantic for still not having fixed the ongoing issue and the players in question.

One player said: “I don’t even understand the rush to delete people, it’s unbelievable. Atleast wait a day for common human courtesy.” As the OP responded: “This is my first Best friend too so I was wondering what the reward was for this was going to be. Saw 0 XP and was like ‘sick’.”

“A big f**k you to the person who deleted you, like what’s wrong with keeping Best Friends? Unless he was full on friends, which he probably isn’t because he loves deleting people immediately.”

Others targeted Niantic directly, “shame on Niantic for allowing this to continue to be an issue,” with many echoeing that it “makes no sense” for it not to have been fixed. Another stated: “Niantic should fix this OBVIOUS oversight. Surely it shouldn’t be hard to code the game so you still receive XP even when you’ve been deleted.”

Despite some revealing they are “lucky” to have Best Friends that they use often within the game without deleting eachother, it has still been a constant problem for Pokemon Go players. So, be sure to be careful who you try become Best Friends with in the game, to avoid losing those hard-earned XP rewards.

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