Players devise “excellent” ways to get Pokemon Go players walking again

Nathan Ellingsworth
Ash and Goh run through the jungle

While Niantic continues to make changes to Pokemon Go after eight years on the market, unhappy fans are coming up with their own suggestions for changes to get players walking.

Pokemon Go players over on the r/TheSilphRoad Reddit are coming up with new ways to incentivize walking in Pokemon Go, and some of them have fans begging for Niantic to add these fun new features to the mobile title.

Player Karnezar asks in a post, “What ideas should Niantic implement to incentivize players to get out and GO!?” while also sharing some of their own ideas, including, “A trading disc that allows you to trade long distance with a Best Friend, but it takes 20km to recharge after each trade.”

Another suggestion includes a much-requested mechanic, as they add, “Add Fishing. An Old Rod gets you a 10CP Water-type. A Super Rod gets you higher CP Water-types, but it needs to be recharged by walking 1k everytime you hook 6 Pokémon.”

Unsurprisingly, there are a lot of comments as plenty of people have their own ideas, with one of the top comments saying, “Weekly legendary encounter for those walk 50+ km”. Then, someone replies, “This honestly seems like a pretty harmless way to help rural players as well. Would give another alternative way to get legendaries outside of raids.”

Another comment says, “Walk 50 +km and get a ticket for remote trades”, while a final one adds, “Daily incubator that would work similarly to the daily incense. Everyday you get go use an incubator on whatever egg you wish, but if you don’t manage to hatch it within the day, the incubator is gone and the egg goes back to pre-walking stage”.

With so many big changes to the game recently, Niantic is sure to implement some more quality-of-life mechanics in the near future, so with any luck rural players have more reasons to go out and explore the world soon.

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