Pokemon Go Players slam Niantic for approving “monstrosity” Pokestop

Jessica Filby
Pokemon Go Pokestop

Pokestops are vital in Pokemon Go, granting players the chance to grab some rewards, and even see some unique sights. However, some Pokestops can be rather questionable, leaving players extremely frustrated.

When it comes to Pokemon Go, Pokestops have been a constantly brought up discussion, with the community often arguing that there should be more in rural areas or even pointing out some rather bizarre additions to the game.

It seems that there is at least one more Pokestop that can count as a bizarre addition, with some even labeling it a “monstrosity” while slamming Niantic for approving certain Pokestops and denying others.

Bizzare Pokestop causes Pokemon Go players to slam Niantics approval standard

Posting onto Reddit, one Pokemon Go fan shared a rather bizarre Pokestop which highlighted a darker image of a hidden horse, only the end of the name had tons of extra letters after it. Accompanying the image, the fan joked, “ah yes, my favorite Pokestop…”

After posting, the image quickly gained interest from other Pokemon Go fans, with some joking that the creator of the Pokestop had fallen asleep while typing, while others suggested that it was simply “a normal Dutch word.”

However, others took the image and began slamming Niantic for their approval of this Pokestop. Stating, how they “can’t get one stop near my house and this monstrosity passes.”

Many similar comments appeared, with some expanding by saying how they’ve “seen worse” and going on to explain how “there’s at least 3 Stops of literal trees in my city. Meanwhile, I can’t even get pieces of street art through.”

One user shared their frustration regarding their own Pokestop requests being denied, highlighting how they “tried so hard to add real art in our hospital, really huge art, 4 pieces of 2×8 meters. Got denied 4 times already, while shit art 100 meters away get through, or this be as well. This really annoys me.”

While the Pokestop is pretty funny, it’s clear that many are calling for Niantic to be a little more selective toward future submissions.