Pokemon Go Remote Raid petition surpasses 100k signatures

Pokemon Go remote raid petitionThe Pokemon Company

Pokemon Go players respond to Niantic’s recent Remote Raid changes by launching a petition that’s garnered lots of online support.

Remote Raids in Pokemon Go have undergone several changes of late. For one, developer Niantic increased the price of Remote Raid passes on April 6. A single pass now costs 195 PokeCoins instead of the usual 100.

The developer also imposed new daily limits that prevent players from retrying failed raid attempts. Suffice it to say, these changes have drastically impacted users who’ve come to rely on Remote Raids in recent years.

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Players started a Change.org petition to fight back against the newly implemented updates. Thus far, their efforts have culminated in support from across the globe.

Pokemon Go Remote Raid petition gets lots of support

The stated goal of the Change.org petition is to “show Niantic that they need to revert these changes if they care about their community more than profit.”

Thousands upon thousands of people seem to agree with this notion. At the time of writing, the petition started by Ali Vongsathian has accumulated over 100,000 signatures.

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More people add their names to the chorus every few minutes, meaning the resonating message is continuing to make the rounds online.

Pokémon Go remote raid petitionThe Pokemon Company

In their write-up for the petition, Ali Vongsathian called attention to the fact that many users began leaning on the Remote Raid mechanic during the global pandemic.

The feature’s also proven beneficial to players in rural areas, as well as those with disabilities. “[Niantic has] not considered what this price increase and limitation means for trainers who do not have the privilege of being able to leave their house to play a game,” the petition reads in part.

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Whether or not the petition’s continued success will encourage the Pokemon Go developer to revert the Remote Raid system back to its original state is not yet known.

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