Pokemon Go players question status of ‘forgotten’ in-game feature

Philip Trahan
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Pokemon Go players have sparked a discussion about a seemingly ‘forgotten’ feature and wonder where it’s at now.

Considering Pokemon Go has been around for seven years now, there’s been a lot of content introduced to the mobile monster-catching game over the years.

Naturally, some of that content won’t stick around forever and will get replaced by newer or revamped features over time. However, some fans certainly miss those old features whenever they get sunsetted.

Now, fans have started to wonder what exactly happened to EX Raids and why they haven’t returned to Pokemon Go in quite some time.

Pokemon Go fans wonder where EX Raids went

A post on the Pokemon Go subreddit sparked the discussion among the community, with a thread titled “So did Niantic (and all of us) forget [EX Raids] existed? Seems weird to still show in-game a feature that was removed.”

The post included a screenshot of the EX Raid Gym message. For those who may not remember, EX Raids were exclusive Raid battles that required a pass. Participating in them allowed trainers the chance rare Pokemon like Regigigas.

The last EX Raid that Pokemon Go featured was for Regigigas in March 2020. Since then, no more EX Raids have come to the game.

As such, some players reminisced on the excitement of these exclusive raid events. “Man I remember visiting the only Ex Gym in my city in hope to get a Mewtwo only for it to run away… the game was so much potential back then…”

However, others offered some thoughts on why EX Raids haven’t made a return. “Most of the Pokémon that were Ex Raids are now just normal 5-Star Raids. My first Deoxys was from an Ex Raid, I got the others in regular raids,” noted one trainer.

Sure enough, those Pokemon that were originally featured as EX Raid Pokemon have come back to the game in normal Raids. Regigigas recently returned in 2023 as a normal 5-Star Raid target.

The more recently introduced Elite Raids have also somewhat filled the void that EX Raids left. It’s unclear whether or not Niantic will ever bring these Raids back, but for now, it seems they may be stuck in the past.