Best moveset for Regigigas in Pokemon Go & is it any good?

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Have you grabbed the Legendary Regigigas in Pokemon Go and are you wondering what the best moveset is for them or if they’re even any good? Here’s everything you need to know.

Regigigas is returning to Pokemon Go as the last Legendary Pokemon to appear in 5-Star Raids during May. So, what’s the best moveset for this Legendary creature, and do they even live up to their name?

Thankfully, using the game’s statistics of Regigigas’ available moves, we’ve put together everything you need to know about Regigigas in Pokemon Go including the best moveset, all available moves, and if it’s even worth featuring in your team.

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Regigigas best moveset in Pokemon Go

Regigigas PokemonNiantic / Pokemon Company
Regigigas is capable of some great damage with the right moveset.

One of the best movesets for Regigigas for PvP Battles in Pokemon Go will be using Zen Headbutt as your Fast Move and Giga Impact as your Charged Move.

Combined, these will give you the most DPS while also being a great counter-attack option against any Fighting-type Pokemon. After all, a base attack of 150 from your Giga Impact can quickly turn the tide of any battle.

All moves Regigigas can learn in Pokemon Go

Regigigas can learn two Fast Moves and three Charged Moves in Pokemon Go. All the available options are listed below:

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Regigigas Fast Moves

  • Zen Headbutt (Psychic)
  • Hidden Power (Normal)

Regigigas Charged Moves

  • Thunder (Electric)
  • Focus Blast (Fighting)
  • Giga Impact (Normal)

Is Regigigas any good in Pokemon Go?

Regigigas Pokemon GoNiantic
Despite being Legendary, Regigigas isn’t that powerful.

Ultimately, no, Regigigas is not a very good Pokemon to use in Pokemon Go, despite it being a Legendary Pokemon.

This is primarily due to the lack of variety in its available attacks and the mediocre moveset. Sure, it does have one powerful Charged Move, but it’s very expensive to use and the lack of synergy between the Charged and Fast Moves leaves much to be desired with this relatively ineffective Pokemon.

Being a Normal-type also means Regigigas doesn’t have an advantage over any particular type, which means it’s not really worth using in either PvP Battles or Raids. For reference, it’s currently sitting at 167th on PvPoke’s Master League ranking, which is not great.

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There you have it, now you know the best moveset for Regigigas and whether it’s worth being put in your party. While looking for more Pokemon or heading to your next battle, take a look at some of our other Pokemon Go guides and content:

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