Pokemon Go players pinpoint yet another ‘huge problem’ with Routes

Jake Nichols
Pokemon Go Zygarde cells

The new Routes feature in Pokemon Go is facing more criticism due to its problematic Zygarde Cell collection mechanic, sparking a call for change among the game’s community.

Ever since the introduction of the Routes feature in Pokemon Go, it has been a major talking point among players. The Routes feature was designed to enhance the player’s experience by plotting a course along which numerous rewards could be gathered.

These include a range of Pokemon encounters, items, and, notably, Zygarde Cells – which are needed to change Zygarde’s form.

However, the mechanics of Zygarde cell collection have become a cause for concern for the players.

In a post titled “Another Huge Problem with Routes,” one Trainer pointed out the difficulty of securing a Zygarde cell during a route journey, labeling it as a “horrible user experience.”

The player notes that while the most effective strategy seems to be slowing down near the end of a route to collect the Zygarde cell, it’s far from guaranteed success due to the common occurrence where the Zygarde cell appears for a brief moment and disappears as soon as the route ends.

This user experience has caused significant frustration within the Pokemon Go community, with many players questioning the testing process that went into this feature.

The main issue lies in the Zygarde cell’s tendency to despawn at the end of a route, leading to missed opportunities to collect these cells.

byu/ROFLcoptr501 from discussion

Players have proposed changes to improve the gameplay. The suggestions include adjusting the game mechanics to provide a Zygarde cell as an end-of-route reward or preventing the cell from despawning as soon as the route ends. Either change would likely enhance the Routes experience and make the Zygarde cell collection process less frustrating and more rewarding.

However, not all players are encountering issues with Zygarde cell collection. One player, for instance, argues that cells can appear anywhere along the route and warns players not to focus solely on the route’s end. This assertion started a conversation around the lack of sound or vibration alerts when a cell spawns, another aspect players believe could use improvement.

The Reddit thread also revealed safety concerns. Several users discussed how the current cell collection process forces players to stare at their screens constantly while moving along routes, which can prove hazardous, particularly in areas with heavy pedestrian or vehicle traffic.

It is unclear if Niantic will consider these community-proposed changes. But the growing discussion and continued frustration among users might pressure the developers into reevaluating the feature.

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