Pokemon Go player’s hundo attempt ends in absolute heartbreak

Andrew Highton
tyrannitar in pokemon go

After completing a tough raid, a Pokemon Go player, despite their best efforts, had to wave goodbye to a fantastic hundo as it ran away.

There’s a lot of crazy stuff going on in Pokemon right now. The innovative Pokemon Sleep app is now underway, whereas old-school Pokemon games are being sold in vending machines! In the world of Pokemon Go though, some usual happenings are still troubling players – namely hundo hunting.

If you’re baffled by the term, quite simply, hundos are Pokemon you can catch that are maxed out in all three major stat categories – Attack, Defense, and HP. They are unbelievably rare and one Pokemon Go player encountered a pretty impressive hundo. Unfortunately, the story did not have a happy ending.

Pokemon Go user watches as Tyranitar hundo escapes

For those in the know, Tyranitar is arguably one of the game’s strongest Pokemon due to its types. So, when you encounter one with a CP level of 2739, you need to catch it.

That’s exactly what Reddit user coffeemonster12 tried to do but to no avail. After defeating it in a Raid, the player said that it escaped their clutches: “I have raided 16, this is the only one to run away. My best one currently is 10/12/13. Why does this game hate me?”

Naturally, the sympathy for the player poured in. “Going to need a stiff drink after that,” said one player, and another added: “That’s a bummer, especially if you used golden raspberries and it still fled.”

Which the OP had confirmed to be the case: “I managed 5 excellent throws with golden razz berries and it still ran.

Hopefully, the player one day gets another opportunity like this. In other news, Pokemon Go players are currently trying to make a difficult decision: Should you pick Sightseeing or Studious Adventure?