Pokemon Go players furious as Meowth Balloons return and disappear on same day

Brent Koepp
Game Freak / Niantic

Team Rocket’s Jessie and James are back in Pokemon Go and are reportedly already broken. Players claim the villainous duo’s Meowth Balloon isn’t spawning in their game. 

Prepare for trouble and make it double as infamous series villains Jessie and James are invading Pokemon Go for October 2021. Unfortunately, the group’s latest attack has not gone smoothly and is already plagued with issues.

According to players of the Niantic mobile game, the popular antagonists are simply disappearing from skies and not spawning. Trainers looking for their iconic Meowth Balloon are left empty handed as the trio are nowhere to be seen.

Team Rocket Meowth Balloon in Sky from Pokemon anime screenshot
The Pokemon Company
Jessie and James are back in Pokemon Go. Only problem is, they aren’t spawning for some.

Pokemon Go players frustrated with Team Rocket Meowth Balloons not spawning

To celebrate the release of Pokemon Movie: Secrets of the Jungle on Netflix, Niantic has launched a special campaign featuring Team Rocket villains Jessie & James in Pokemon Go.

“Jessie and James are back again to cause some mischief! If you find their Meowth balloon, you can battle them,” the official Twitter account for the mobile app announced on social media.

After going live, however, players begin to report issues with the event. According to many users, the signature Meowth Balloon was not showing up no matter how hard they looked.

Trainers took to social media to vent their frustration, such as one user who tweeted, “Not spawning dawg.” Another player agreed and wrote, “Same. Used to always see a balloon every 6 hours but now they just randomly don’t show up.”

A angry player commented, “It aint spawning. U are fake news. RAISE THE RATE OF IT APPEARING.” One fan hadn’t even seen the Meowth Balloon a single time. “Haven’t encountered 1 since the event begin…So to me they are only stuff of legend.”

Pokemon Go fans furious tweets over missing Team Rocket Balloons Screenshot
Pokemon Go players were not happy with the Jessie & James event.

Interestingly this isn’t the first time Team Rocket has caused trouble in the mobile title. Earlier in 2021, a major bug stopped the villainous group from appearing for millions of players. The problem became so widespread, the feature had to be disabled from the game for weeks.

At the time of writing, Niantic has yet to respond to the complaints. It’s also unclear whether this is a glitch like last time or whether they just have low spawn rates. Either way, many fans simply are not able to find them.