Pokemon Go fans have had enough of getting “dumb pink dog” as a reward

Jessica Filby
Pokemon Go Snubbull

Pokemon Go players have had enough of one “dumb pink dog” after getting the Pokemon as a reward far too many times.

Research tasks are a lot of fun. They’re a great way to get Stardust, Candies, and Pokemon you may not have caught before, expanding that roster in the hopes of filling our your Pokedex and earning medals like the Platinum Kanto Medal.

However, sometimes, these rewards can be more of a hindrance than a help, with tons of Pokemon Go players now demanding the “dumb pink dog” be removed from research rewards after getting tired of its constant appearance.

Pokemon Go players beg for “dumb pink dog” to be removed from research rewards

Posting onto the Pokemon Go Reddit, user CartograperSouthern attached a hilarious meme along with the words, “Please, I’ve had enough of this dumb pink dog,” exploring how tired of the Pokemon Snubbull players are.

Shortly after posting, the image and caption quickly gained an avalanche of support, with many players sharing their frustrations, proclaiming, “I don’t want to see it again.”

Others explained why they’d rather ignore Snubbull, with one saying they already “have a hundo Granbull and a couple of 3-star shiny Snubbulls,” so they “never need to see this dumb dog again in my life.”

However, despite many wishing they could never see them again, some fans explained the necessity for this frustrating Pokemon, stating they “catch every Snubbull I find in the wild because it’s one of Ditto’s disguises.”

It seems, no matter how frustrating Snubbull can be, those looking to catch an elusive Ditto will need to put up with them in the wild. One thing’s for certain though, most Pokemon Go players deem the creature a “disappointing reward” that is better off left behind.