Pokemon Go players argue over “worst Shiny” after Blissey catch

Cassidy Stephenson
Blissey evolved from Chansey in Pokemon Legends Arceus

Pokemon Go players debate whether Blissey is the worst Shiny form in the franchise’s history.

Introduced in the Generation 2 games, Shiny Pokemon adopt a different coloring than their usual appearance. In Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, the odds of finding a Shiny are 1 in every 4096 encounters. This statistic increases to 1 in every 2048 encounters after obtaining the Shiny charm.

Other than the mainline titles, trainers can catch Shinies in Pokemon Go. However, some players have preferences on which Shiny Pokemon looks the best.

On the other hand, here’s who made it to the bottom of the totem pole for many fans.

Pokemon Go players name their least favorite Shiny ‘mons

pokemon go shiny swinub header

Reddit user hiebertw07 posted his catching achievement on the Pokemon Go subreddit. However, the OP doesn’t seem interested in owning a Shiny Blissey. hiebertw07 can’t fathom how someone got “paid actual human money” to design a Shiny so close to the original.

In the comment section, fellow Pokemon fans listed their least favorite Shiny forms. Additionally, others listed out Pokemon similar to Blissey, in that it’s hard to tell the difference between the Shiny and the original version.

“I have never been able to tell a shiny Elekid from a regular one without them being labeled,” one player revealed.

“Y’all at least see the color difference, I nominate Burmy and Wormadam lines,” one trainer said.

“Blissey is def a top contender for 2nd place along with the likes of Tyranitar, Zapdos, and a few others. The worst shiny in the game, oddly, is Pikachu, IMO,” another user remarked.

“I didn’t know what shiny Blissey looked like before evolving so was kind of expecting a similar look as Chansey. I was so disappointed,” a fellow Pokemon fan wrote.

Do you have a least favorite Shiny Pokemon? If so, you might not want to catch it in Pokemon Go.

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