Pokemon Go players convinced Niantic now “trolling” with its terrible boxes

Laura Gray
Pokemon Go Players Call Out Niantic Over Bad Premium Bundle Boxes

Pokemon Go players are fed up with the Box bundles available for purchase in the game, with some even expressing they are feeling “trolled” by developer Niantic.

Pokemon Go players have been struggling with the contents and prices of in-game box bundle purchases for many months. The boxes, which change depending on events currently active in the game or rotate week by week, have been a key way to obtain important items throughout the mobile app’s lifespan.

While the boxes used to be a cost-effective way to purchase Incense, Remote Raid Passes, and other items used regularly, recent changes have caused a backlash among the player base. Trainers have reported differences in boxes that have the same titles and are released at the same times, as well as expressing upset about the increase in prices.

Additionally, the items now found in boxes aren’t as useful as before. Screenshots shared on social media show numerous Incubators instead of Lucky Eggs or Star Pieces, and some have even theorized developer Niantic may not be in touch with player needs.

Pokemon Go players unsettled by in-app purchases

In a recent Reddit post shared by The_Space_Monkey, the Pokemon Go player shares a series of images from their in-game shop. The post reads, “My boxes are different from the ones I’ve seen posted in the past 24hrs”.

The first box priced at 500 PokeCoins includes one Incense, two Super Incubators, and three Egg Incubators. The Explorer Box is priced at a steep 1480 PokeCoin and contains 30 Ultra Balls, five Incense, 13 Super Incubators, and 2 Egg Incubators. However, the Great Box priced at 1100 PokeCoins has caused the most upset, containing only five Fast TMS and 5 Chared TMs.

Fans in the comments are furious, with one stating, “Genuinely made a double take at that great box”. The original poster responds, “I think they’re just trolling with that box… who would ever do that?”.

Another player jumped in, adding, “nah… the boxes used to have 18 incubators for 1480”.

While several Pokemon Go players agree that having a high number of Incubators can be useful, the cost and lack of diversity in box contents continue to be a problem. Many agree they won’t be putting any money towards in-game microtransactions while the boxes remain unfavorable.