Pokemon Go Great Box is so bad players wouldn’t take it if it were free

great box pokemon go

Pokemon Go players are baffled by the new Great Box that offers 150 berries for a staggering amount of premium currency, some claiming they wouldn’t redeem the box even if it were free.

Trainers have been displeased with Pokemon Go’s Item Shop boxes for a while. They claim the items in the boxes don’t justify the number of coins being asked or question why certain bundles exist if they cost the same as buying the items individually.

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And when Niantic introduces boxes that players deem “good,” there’s usually something that goes wrong. Whether it be Premium boxes that are only available to select groups of players or highly praised boxes that are quickly removed from the store, Pokemon Go has an issue with its item bundles.

But of all of the boxes from months past, players are convinced they’ve found the worst deal yet: the new Great Box that offers 150 berries for almost $10.

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Pokemon Go Great Box torn apart by players

A screenshot of the Great Box was posted to Reddit by user Flizz_o, who asked, “Who would buy this?” The box contained 50 Razz Berries, 50 Pinap Berries, and 50 Nanab Berries for the steep price of 750 PokeCoins. That’s a little less than $10 USD or 15 days of defending gyms.

Since Berries are obtained in bulk for free by spinning stops, opening gifts, and completing challenges, players weren’t keen on purchasing the box. In fact, some claimed they wouldn’t redeem the box if it were free.

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“I wouldn’t even collect that if it was literally free. I end up deleting berries weekly. They just stack up faster than I use them,” one user commented. Another pointed out, “That box is roughly what I trash from my items daily.”

Other players saw this box as a sign that Niantic intends to nerf the drop rate of berries in the near future. They believe this would be a way for Pokemon Go players to feel encouraged to spend their PokCcoins on Berries rather than Raid Passes or Storage Expansions.

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But, for the price of the Great Box, players could participate in seven Remote Raids or purchase three storage expansions, making 150 berries look well overpriced.

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