Pokemon Go players call out Niantic for missing Poliwag Community Day bonus

Chris Studley
An image of Poliwag on a Pokemon Go background, one of Sierra's Pokemon

Niantic promised players a reduction of 50% for Stardust required for trades during the Poliwag Community Day event in Pokemon Go. That, however, turned out to not be the case.

The Poliwag Commmunity Day event took place on July 30, and gave Pokemon Go players the chance to add catch plenty of the Kanto-region Pokemon and get special moves.

Additionally, trainers were promised other special bonuses, including a reduction in how much Stardust needed in order to make a trade, as well as an additional Special Trade.

Those bonuses, however, went missing for some players.

Poliwag Community Day in Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go players frustrated over missing Stardust bonus

On Reddit, several players shared screenshots of Pokemon Go trades that took place during the Poliwag Community Day event on July 30. These screenshots, though, indicated a major issue.

The pictures showed that players did not receive the 50% reduction in Stardust needed to make a trade. Per the Pokemon Go website, trades that took place between 2-10 PM local time were supposed to receive the bonus.

Several other trainers, one reportedly in Guam and another in Malaysia, added in the thread that Community Day trade bonuses were not being granted, either.

One trainer, however, did notice that Stardust reduction bonuses were working for a brief period of time. But after 5 PM, the Stardust bonus went away and there was no ability to make a third special trade, another Community Day bonus.

Players expressed frustration over the issues. One user stated regarding the Pokemon Go developer, “Niantic will be trying for the award for more consistent performance at this rate.”

Another player sarcastically remarked, “Be fair. It’s easy to get this wrong. It’s not like they do a community day every month.”

Aside from Stardust reduction bonuses for trades, Go trainers also had the ability to get a Poliwrath with Counter, as well as a Politoed with Ice Beam.