Pokemon Go players divided over Poliwag Community Day

Chris Studley
Poliwag Community Day in Pokemon Go

As the Poliwag Community Day nears in Pokemon Go, some players were excited at the prospect of picking up a powerful Poliwhirl and Politoad. Others, on the other hand, wanted something different.

A few days ago, Niantic confirmed that Poliwag is the subject of this month’s Community Day in Pokemon Go.

The move to make Poliwag the showcased Pokemon has left some excited at the chance of receiving a creature with great value in online PvP play.

However, there are some that would have liked a different Pokemon.

An image of Poliwag on a Pokemon Go background, one of Sierra's Pokemon

Pokemon Go players react to Poliwag Community Day

Niantic announced on July 10 that Kanto region Pokemon Poliwag will be the spotlighted creature in the upcoming July Community Day in Pokemon Go. Go players will have an increased opportunity to encounter a Shiny Poliwag, as well as evolve one in full to get either a Poliwhirl with Counter or Politoad with Ice Beam.

On Reddit, several Pokemon players expressed excitement over Niantic’s decision to make Poliwag the Community Day Pokemon.

One player stated on the prospect of a Shiny Politoad, “I have wanted that cotton candy frog for so long!”

Another Go player noted, “Poliwrath with Counter is going to be instant Meta for PvP. Politoed with a cheaper ice-type move is really nice. Overall, really decent event.”

Others, however, did not share the same enthusiasm. One stated, ” Are you kidding? This some sort of sick joke? Poliwag? What? I just don’t understand. Perhaps there’s a higher demand for Poliwag than I think.”

Another player commented that another frog should be the highlight of this month’s Community Day: Froakie. “I don’t really care for this. I’m just waiting for Froakie’s community day.”

There were also some Pokemon Go players that wanted a re-do of the Squirtle Community Day Classic, after login issues prevented some from getting involved in the event last weekend. That, however, won’t be the case.

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