Pokemon Go players call out Niantic for lack of “make up event” after Elite Raid issues

pokemon go regidrago question mark headerNiantic / The Pokemon Company

Pokemon Go players called out Niantic for its lack of updates after the developer promised to “make it up” to trainers after the buggy Regidrago Elite Raids.

The Pokemon Go community has not been very happy with developer Niantic as of late thanks to a myriad of different reasons.

While the top of that list is undoubtedly the controversial decision to change the way Remote Raid Passes work, many players have not been happy with the quality of recent events. One of those events was the Regidrago Elite Raids that begin on March 11, 2023, which were plagued by bugs and crashes.

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After the event, Niantic promised to make it up to trainers in some fashion, but the developer has yet to unveil any plans to do so after nearly a month, and the community is fed up with waiting.

Pokemon Go players question Niantic’s silence after Elite Raid fiasco

A post on the Pokemon Go subreddit reminded the community that they haven’t heard anything concrete from Niantic surrounding their statement about the Regidrago Elite Raids.

The trainer asked “So where is our make up event Niantic? It’s been 3 weeks,” with a screenshot of Niantic’s tweet which assured fans there would be some form of compensation.

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Responses from trainers were largely negative, with many making jokes at the developer’s expense while others voiced their belief that Niantic simply doesn’t care about making good on its word.

“‘To make it up to you, we are announcing some changes to Remote Raiding. This is for the long-term health of the game.’ Niantic, probably,” said one fan. “Give Niantic a break, they can’t destroy remote raiding and worry about make up events all at once,” said another.

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One fan put forth the theory that the developer simply hoped the community had forgotten about the tweet. “Shhh! We’re meant to have forgotten about it by now!”

Another joked that the April Fools Pidgey event was meant to be the proposed “make up” event and players simply didn’t realize.

While trainers were able to make jokes about the lack of updates from Niantic, it’s clear many are fed up with the developer at the moment. Hopefully, Pokemon Go players will learn more about this supposed “make up” event sooner rather than later.

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