Pokemon Go “April Fowl’s day”: How to play Pidgey Pandemonium

Pidgey in the Pokemon Go Spotlight HourNiantic

Niantic has made some (hopefully temporary) changes to Pokemon Go for April Fools, and this year, players will have to deal with an epidemic of Pidgeys.

With many games introducing small changes to make playing on April 1st a bit more entertaining, it’s only natural that Pokemon Go followed suit.

This isn’t the first time Niantic has added something extra to Pokemon go for April Fools. Last year, they increased the spawn rate of several different types of pokemon, and hid Dittos among them. They then tasked trainers with trying to figure out which pokemon the Dittos had disguised as.

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This time around, they’re doing something similar with Pidgey, but with a different task in mind for players. Below is your guide to this year’s April Fools in Pokemon Go.

What is Pidgey Pandemonium?

This year, Niantic has drastically increased the chances of encountering Pidgey. Trainers will also be more likely to find XXS or XXL Pidgeys during this event.

There are also new event-themed Research tasks available to complete. Finishing all the tasks while the event is still running will make Pidgey available to encounter.

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The event runs from 1pm to 7pm (local time) on April 1.

In a message to trainers, Niantic said: “Emergency! We have a feathery fiasco on our hands. Over the years, Trainers have transferred Pokémon to Professor Willow’s lab— perhaps too many, as it seems the integrity of the Pidgey pen has been compromised! And now all those transferred Pidgey have flown the coop!

“You read that right: there are Pidgey everywhere. EVERYWHERE!

“Please help us catch the rogue Pidgey before the pecking order is upended for good!”

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How to get April Fools Special Research

Trainers will also be able to claim Special Research from Professor Willow, who needs help recapturing all the Pidgey.

The research can be claimed at any time between 3pm to 11.59pm (local time) on April 1, so you don’t need to worry about different time zones messing the event up for you.

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