Pokemon Go players call for spawn fix after trainers miss out on Legendary

Zackerie Fairfax
Galarian Articuno, Moltres, and Zapdos in Pokemon Go

A spawn issue in Pokemon Go that has plagued the game for years is causing players to miss Legendary Pokemon while using Adventure Incense.

There are hundreds of species of creatures in Pokemon Go, and numerous ways to get them to spawn. From wild spawns to Incense to lures, there’s always a way to get Pokemon to appear.

However, the locations where Pokemon choose to spawn seem quite random. They can spawn on top of one another, too close to Pokestops, or right under a trainer’s feet.

This has caused an annoying problem that has bothered players since Pokemon Go’s release. Some Pokemon can’t be tapped on without clearing other monsters out of the way first.

Pokemon GO Daily Adventure Incense

Spawn issues plague Pokemon Go Daily Incense users

Before Daily Adventure Incenses were introduced, this issue was more of an annoyance than an actual issue. Players would have to take a few more moments out of their playtime to catch a Bidoof or Starly so they could actually access a Pokemon they want.

But now, players are missing out on actual Legendary Pokemon due to how close they spawn to other creatures. Reddit user Mdaha reported missing a Galarian Moltres while using an Incense because they couldn’t tap on it because it spawned under a Yungoos.

Mdaha stated, “I probably wouldn’t have caught it, but the fact that I didn’t even get a chance irks me. Out of all the room it had to spawn why did it perfectly overlap with a Yungoos. Pokemon need to not overlap, have some sort of priority system, or have the ability to move each other.”

This sentiment was echoed by comments claiming the same or similar had happened to them. One user stated, “It’s also an issue if something spawns perfectly on top of a Pokéstop, that makes it very difficult to catch. If it’s on top of a Team Rocket stop, it’s impossible.”

Players blamed this issue on “bad coding” stating Pokemon shouldn’t be able to spawn so closely to one another. Others suggested that Niantic should implement a system that allows players to choose which Pokemon they actually want to select when tapping on a stack.