Pokemon Go players urge Niantic to update outdated maps and spawn points

pokemon go map

Pokemon Go is meant to merge the real world with the world of Pokemon, but players are frustrated with the game’s lack of real-time updates.

Over the years, Niantic has attempted to integrate a number of different features into Pokemon Go. Some of them have stood the test of time and are updated regularly, while others have suffered severe neglect.

One feature that seemingly hasn’t been given the love it deserves is Pokemon nests. These are special spawn locations that offer rare Pokemon you can’t normally find outside of that area. But they’ve recently become just like any other spawn point, and the special Pokemon that used to reside there are gone.

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That’s only one gripe players have with Niantic’s updates. A player named oroyplata on Reddit recently pointed out that the “new” infrastructure in their area hadn’t been added to Pokemon Go despite roadways and shopping centers being in place for years.

Pokemon Go's radarNiantic/The Pokemon Company

Niantic needs to update in-game map

“My hometown has experienced tremendous population growth in the last two years,” stated oroyplata. “and I would expect these new housing developments and shopping areas to be plum full of new Pokemon and nests.”

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However, that’s not the case. They went on to claim that there are acres of undeveloped land still showing up in Pokemon Go despite new structures and walking areas having been established. “Perhaps, if there were reasons to “explore”, other than finding a new lonely stop anchored in a sea of farmland, I could be convinced to use an incense or two.”

Numerous players shared the sentiment and also wished that spawn mechanics were reverted to improve Pokemon Nests. One user commented, “I traveled quite a distance to visit a Wobbuffet nest after its spotlight hour and shiny release. I still remember looking down after clicking one and seeing a pink Wobbuffet making the drive worth it.”

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Other users were confused with Niantic as updating in-game maps would serve some of the company’s more invasive practices. “Even for data harvesting purposes, there’s a reason to update the map. I don’t get why Niantic are so reluctant to update the in-game map, and when people raise this issue to Michael Steranka, he always sidestepped answering the query as if it’s never in their priorities,” a user commented.

For being one of the most downloaded and played mobile games months after month, players expect map updates at least every six months. Instead, some players claimed they’ve worked tirelessly to get Pokestops approved in light of Niantic’s reluctance to update the map.

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It is perplexing as Niantic often claims their controversial updates are in an attempt to get players back outside and exploring. Yet there are hundreds of comments on a single post from players claiming a map update would do just that.

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