Pokemon Go players left frustrated by Routes limit explanation from Niantic

Chris Studley
Pokemon Go players

Confusion over Routes in Pokemon Go continues, as Niantic gave trainers an indication as to how many Routes can actually be made in the game.

There have been numerous issues with Routes in Pokemon Go since Niantic rolled out the feature. Among those problems include inability to create Routes and complete Special Research tasks connected to it.

Now, another problem has cropped up.

Niantic claims that players are limited to creating a certain amount of Routes, while others still don’t have access to the feature.

Image from Pokemon Go trailer

Pokemon Go trainers continue to grapple with Routes

On Twitter, the Niantic Support account responded to an inquiry from a Pokemon Go player regarding the Routes feature.

In the inquiry, a player reported to have created five Routes but can’t create any more. Rather, a message that stated “[Y]ou cannot create more routes. Wait and try again” appeared.

Niantic Support stated that trainers can only create five Routes during a 30-day period. Niantic indicated that this policy may be updated as time goes along.

Several Pokemon Go players expressed frustration over this news, particularly over the fact that Niantic never relayed news about the limit prior to this announcement.

One trainer stated, “It would be super helpful if [Niantic] actually told us that in the game instead of just having us stand there wondering why we keep clicking to start mapping a new route while nothing happens.”

Others, on the other hand, continue to report an inability to create Routes in Pokemon Go. “I am permitted to create zero routes at all,” one player added. Another agreed with that sentiment, “I’d submit 5. If only I could do that.”

As far as when Routes can be implemented and used by all, Niantic recently told Dexerto in an interview that it was “impossible to turn on that feature to everyone around the globe,” but that the developers are working to accelerate the approval process and make Routes more accessible to everyone.

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