Niantic responds amid reports Pokemon Go players can’t create Routes in-game

Chris Studley
Assets of Routes and trainer from Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go developer Niantic puts out an official response after some players still don’t have the ability to create Routes.

Pokemon Go recently announced a new Routes feature, which allows trainers to explore trails created by other players and gain rewards.

However, the feature has frustrated some Go players, as there have been reports of trainers being able to create new Routes.

Niantic has since provided an update to those who are unable to make Routes.

pokemon go routes

Pokemon Go players get response from Niantic on Routes feature

On July 20, Niantic confirmed details on Pokemon Go’s Routes feature. With Routes, trainers will have the ability to create a custom trail in a real-world setting, post it, and other players will then be able to explore it for bonuses.

However, there’s been some confusion over the rollout of Routes. Several players have been able to access Routes on the Pokemon Go, whereas others have reportedly been unable to create new ones.

The official Niantic Support Twitter account responded to players that fall under the latter category. The Go developer stated on social media that while all players can explore Routes, the ability to create new ones is “still being rolled out.” to trainers.

It’s not hard to see why there’s frustration. Yesterday, Niantic released the A to Zygarde Special Research tasks to Pokemon Go players, one that does require players to make use of the new Routes feature in order to complete certain objectives.

The issue, however, is that several players on social media stated that they can’t make a Route, nor find a published one in Pokemon Go. Thus, players have not been able to receive the added boosts from Routes in the new Blaze New Trails event, and are effectively blocked from making progress on the Special Research.

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