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Pokemon Go players baffled with trainer’s home hotspot spawns

Published: 31/Dec/2021 1:27

by Alan Bernal


Pokemon Go players were baffled after seeing a Pokemon hotspot where one player lives which showed dozens of monsters ripe for the picking.

The concept of Pokemon Go gives players as much as they put into it: If you go out into the world, then you’ll meet Pokemon and get rewards based on what you do.

But one trainer merely has to wave their hand while at their family’s home to find packs of Pokemon leading up to the AR doorstep. The sheer magnitude for one of their hauls has caught the envious eyes of many POGO players.


“I live in the middle of nowhere but for some reason, my house is an insane hotspot for Pokémon,” user ‘ChiefOfAllChiefs’ said. “Does anyone know why?”

Mecca of Pokemon spawns

I live in the middle of nowhere but for some reason my house is an insane hotspot for Pokémon. Does anyone know why? from pokemongo

The Redditor shared a glimpse of the usual batches of Pokemon they come across at their property.

One of the images shows an army of Cubchoos with a few Taurus, Snorunts, and Delibirds scattered among them. That’s not a bad haul for a single hotspot.

Fellow Pokemon Go players were understandably jealous at seeing the hotspot with people commenting “You are the luckiest guy ever” and “Can we come visit?”

But a blessing can be a curse, like ChiefOfAllChiefs suggested, since their stock of Pokeballs doesn’t always catch up with how many ‘mons there are.


pokemon go spawn hotspot
via ChiefOfAllChiefs Reddit
There are lucky Pokemon Go players that wake up to this sight on the daily.

More players were chiming in with how this kind of spawn rate is allowed in Pokemon Go and some think it has to do with the layout of the nearby area.

“Yeah I think the algorithm they use says something along the lines of ‘spawn X number [of Pokemon] within this regional range,’” one user explained. “But the algorithm also tries to tie the spawn zones near structures, streets, access roads, etc.

“This one just so happens to be the only landmark in a region the algorithm can spawn at.”

Other players reported the same thing routinely happens to them, meaning some Pokemon Go trainers were just meant to succeed in life.