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Pokemon Go players baffled by “scummy” Cyber Week box prices

Published: 24/Nov/2021 16:45 Updated: 24/Nov/2021 16:49

by David Purcell


Niantic has been put on blast by Pokemon Go players over the prices of Cyber Week box prices in-game, as it looks like this year’s Black Friday discounts aren’t actually the bargain they are made out to be. 

The period between Black Friday and Cyber Monday is usually one of massive savings for not just gamers, but shoppers generally worldwide. Right before Christmas arrives, stores around the globe will be slashing their prices on selected products.

In Pokemon Go, the game’s version of holiday sale comes in the form of Cyber Week boxes, which are yellow in color with different ribbons, depending on the price. They can be purchased from the in-game store on the iOS and Android app.


Despite there being three new boxes available, all with the ‘sale’ sign over the top, some sections of the community aren’t entirely convinced.

Pokemon Go Cyber Week box prices flamed

After seeing the new promo boxes added to Pokemon Go, the pricing has been criticized.

In one Reddit thread, the poster said: “Aren’t these boxes similar if not the same as a normal? Who are they fooling labeling them as a Cyber Week Special?”

Aren’t these boxes similar if not the same as a normal? Who are they fooling labeling them as "Cyber Week Special"? from pokemongo

Pokemon Go Cyber Week box prices

  • Cyber Week Special Box – 480 PokeCoins
  • Cyber Week Ultra Box – 1480 PokeCoins
  • Cyber Week Adventure Box – 1480

This means that the most expensive boxes will still set players back over $10 – as 1,200 PokeCoins are worth $9.99 on the market.

Based on the official price list of normal Adventure boxes, there is no price difference between normal and Cyber Week boxes.


ed sheeran in pokemon go
Pokemon Go’s Cyber Week content arrived right after Ed Sheeran’s big performance in-game.

Cyber box prices flamed by players

Some of the comments to the post were damning, as well. One posted: “I noticed that. They couldn’t offer an actual discount for “cyber week?” Instead, they think they are going to fool people by labeling it different? Typical Niantic.”

Another replied: “Looks like for the Adventure box they decreased 1-star piece and decreased 2 regular egg incubator. They increased 1 incense. This seems like a downgraded box to me.”

The next comment seemed to be a wider frustration about Black Friday generally: “So basically the same scam as every other Black Friday crap?”

It’s unclear as to whether Niantic will make changes to their Cyber Week promo prices throughout the event, but it’s clear as day that some members of the community aren’t exactly pleased.