Pokemon Go players are losing their mind over interestingly shaped street

pokemon go weird street feature image

A Pokemon Go player has discovered an oddly shaped neighborhood that trainers are claiming is a stroke of genius city planning. 

Thanks to a mix of AR photos and GPS, Pokemon Go players have discovered some pretty interesting locations. Whether it be the Nightmare Pikachu ride in Australia or a mural of memes, Pokemon Go’s exploration allows for some unique discoveries.

Sometimes, what’s discovered isn’t from Pokestops, but rather shapes on the actual map. For instance, players once found a lake shaped perfectly like a horse thanks to the in-game map.

While a horse-shaped lake is intentional, some imagery is made by accident. While city planners think long and hard about the placement of roadways, a trainer shared a screenshot of a neighborhood that got the shaft.

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Pokemon Go trainers mock phallic neighborhood

Reddit user Onizuzu17 posted a screenshot of a Pokemon Go avatar standing a bit away from the head of the neighborhood. With the caption “nothing to see here” the shape of the neighborhood left little to the imagination.

As could have easily been predicted, users flooded the comments to share puns relating to the odd shape of the roadway. “Bro really puttin’ the sac in cul-de-sac,” one user joked, while another commented, “It may have Krabbys.”

Players pointed out that there may not be any Cloysters around, but you could definitely find some Geodudes or Castforms. Below is a picture of the neighborhood and all its glory.

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It was suggested a number of times that a Pokestop be added to the tip of the roadway, but others noted the size of the neighborhood didn’t warrant that much attention.

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