Pokemon Go players are dying to get their hands on this “top-tier” shiny later this year

Zackerie Fairfax
pokemon go greninja

Pokemon Go players are excited for Fennekin Community Day later this month, but they are even more excited for a Community Day to come that will introduce a “top-tier” Shiny to the mobile game.

Pokemon Go Community Days are arguably the most anticipated events each month for trainers. One day a month – or two if you count Community Day Classics – a specific Pokemon has boosted Shiny odds and spawn rates for three hours, making it the easiest time to encounter rare Shinies.

And recently, Community Days have been used by Niantic to introduce new Shiny forms into the game. Pokemon Go is unique in that it introduces a new species first and later introduces its Shiny form, whereas mainline games introduce them at the same time.

This results in Pokemon Go players awaiting the arrival of their favorite Shiny form long after the Pokemon is first introduced. And for fans of Gen 6, one of the best Shiny Pokemon in the franchise is about to be introduced later this year.

Pokemon Go players anticipate “best Shiny Pokemon”

The Pokemon in question is Shiny Greninja, who Reddit user Bowserfan7138 brought to the community’s attention. “Now with Fenikin Community day confirmed, it’s only a matter of time before this beauty is in the game,” they wrote.

Pokemon Go has a history of releasing the Shiny forms for starters in a pattern. Each one takes up its own Community Day, which are normally spaced out a few months at a time. Chespin Community Day was on January 7, and Fennekin Community Day is slated for May 21.

With that in mind, players expect to see Shiny Froakie debut sometime in August or September.

But players are more excited for Froakie’s third evolution, Greninja. “Top tier shiny,” one user commented. Another stated, “Man, I’m gonna love best buddying this bad boy.”

Like Charizard, Shiny Greninja’s black color scheme has put it at the top of many trainers’ tier lists. Now, with the impeccable odds of a Community Day, every player has a chance to add one to their collection.

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