Pokemon Go player shocked after 4-year-old’s “painful” Master Ball catch

Cassidy Stephenson
Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl protagonist next to Master Ball

A Pokemon Go player couldn’t believe what Pokemon their 4-year-old son caught with a Master Ball, leading others to describe it as “painful” to see.

The Master Ball has finally arrived in Pokemon Go after years of waiting. To obtain this item, Trainers need to complete the Let’s Go! Special Research quest, as they’ll earn the Master Ball after finishing the tasks in Step 5.

Pokemon Go Trainers should probably be saving their Master Ball for the incredibly rare Galarian Articuno, Galarian Moltres, or Galarian Zapdos. However, one user’s 4-year-old son thought a Parasect needed the item.

Pokemon Go Trainer’s son misused the Master Ball

pokemon go master ball header

Reddit user Nanoespectro shared the underwhelming catching achievement on the Pokemon Go subreddit. The OP explained how they left their Pokemon Go account with their 4-year-old son to catch a Research Breakthrough Pokemon.

Instead of a regular Poke Ball, the young trainer used the Master Ball for a lowly Parasect. This Bug-type Pokemon has been appearing in Research Breakthroughs for two months now, so it’s not exactly a rare sighting.

Nanoespectro continued by explaining how their son used the Master Ball. “The excuse actually was something along the lines of ‘I saw it was big and scary, so I thought it needed a good ball,'” the OP wrote.

“Nicholas about to put a kid up for adoption tbh,” fellow Reddit user DarthWidi joked.

“It’s made all the more hilarious when Nicholas sees a 3500cp Galarian bird spawn later that day,” wbnar78 remarked.

“Why? Kid’s a bug catcher. This was like, the ultimate reward for him. That, or the Parasect fungus has leaped to humans and told him to do it,” Glacial_Shield_W said.

In the comment section, fellow Pokemon players reminisced on their accidental Master Ball catches. What’s the worst Pokemon you’ve ever caught with a Master Ball?

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