Pokemon Go player shows how to beat Giovanni with 500 CP Pokemon

Niantic / The Pokemon Company

Giovanni is notorious for being the hardest boss in Pokemon Go, with many Trainers taking multiple attempts to defeat him. But one player somehow managed to beat him with a team of just 500 CP ‘mon.

If you’ve ever fought Giovanni in Pokemon Go, you’ll know just how hard it is to do so, even with the best team. You need to make sure you’re strategic and use your shields correctly and hit all the targets when using a move, otherwise, you’re destined to fail.

However, one Trainer has defied all odds and beaten the Gen I mastermind with a team of 500 CP Pokemon – yes, you read that right. The skilled player sent him off with his tail between his legs in a way you’d think was impossible.

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@PokemonGoAppGiovanni often has a Shadow Legendary as well.

Pokemon Go player defeats Giovanni with 500CP Pokemon

Trainer ‘Balmer’ took on the challenge with a team of 500CP Smeargle, Hoppip, and Scrafty. First, they faced off against a Shadow Persian, using Smeargle and Scrafty to use up its Shields before finishing it off with a well-timed Power-Up Punch.

Next up was Shadow Golem. Hoppip was the ‘mon who melted down its health for most of the battle, using Bullet Seed, Grass Knot, and Seed Bomb, before Scrafty popped out to deal the finisher hit.

But what’s most impressive of all is how Balmer managed to take down Legendary Shadow Pokemon, Ho-Oh. With all three of their ‘mon at low health, things looked touch and go at times. But ultimately, the bird – and thus, Giovanni – were beaten.

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It took the Trainer less than five minutes to beat the Team Rocket leader, which is quicker than many players do with a normal team, let alone one with 500 CP. Very impressive!

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