Pokemon Go player shows how much money it can take to get Shiny Legendary Pokemon

Niantic / The Pokemon Company

An unlucky Pokemon Go player has shown the harsh reality of grinding for Shiny Legendary Pokemon in raids, revealing the eye-watering amount of real-life money they spent in order to get their hands on one.

Shiny Pokemon are the most coveted thing in Go, especially when it comes to Legendaries. And Trainers are always showing off their collections, proud that they’ve managed to catch such a rare monster.

But one thing that isn’t as talked about is how much effort can go into catching Shiny Legendary ‘mon especially. Sure, you can get lucky and get one after one or two 5-star raids, but that isn’t always the case for everyone, as one unlucky fan found out.

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Pokemon Go Shiny DialgaNiantic
One fan dropped a lot of money for Shiny Dialga.

Pokemon Go player spends a lot of money to get a Shiny Dialga

Reddit user u/SockkNinja posted their Shiny Legendary plight on August 3, frustrated that after countless 5-star Dialga raids, they’d still not managed to get a Shiny.

“I’m just???? Crying. What is this bad luck [I swear to God]. Anyone have just as bad of luck as me? I’ve seen people do significantly less amounts of raids and get multiple shiny dialgas,” they wrote. “I’m amazed people can get 2-3 within 30 raids and yet I can’t even come across 1 after over 100 raids. So much wasted money and time.”

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Shortly after, they updated their post and revealed that after just two raid attempts later, they’d finally managed to score one. All is well and good, right? But when you realize they took 104 tries to get one, that’s around $104 USD spent on Raid Passes. Whew.

pokemon go redditReddit
The user spent over $100 to get it.

According to commenter u/v-man005, the player had a 0.02% chance of getting Dialga at try 104 without encountering one before that which makes them very unlucky, especially since they did have to drop a considerable amount of real-life money to win it.

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While shocking, this just goes to show how dedicated some Pokemon Go Trainers are to getting their favorite Shiny ‘mon or completing their Shiny Pokedex. And it’s safe to assume there are players out there who have spent even more.

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