Pokemon Go player scores rare bird with Daily Adventure Incense, but there’s a twist

Pokemon Go Daily Adventure Insence Shiny Pidgy EncounterNiantic

A Pokemon Go player shares their successful encounter with a rare bird using their Daily Adventure Incense, but it isn’t the catch they were actually looking for.

Pokemon Go players are constantly on the lookout for rare encounters. Whether this is a featured wild spawn for a current event or a rare, lucky find, these moments are often the height of excitement while playing the game.

Pokemon Go fans looking for treasure usually have their goals focused on the many different Shiny species available in the game. However, this has changed direction with the introduction of the Daily Adventure Incense in the summer of 2022. The 15-minute boost helps Pokemon spawn and the three Galarian Legendary Birds.

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However, the birds all have very low spawn and catch rates and are likely to flee before a Pokeball can be thrown. This makes any encounters players have worth sharing. Unfortunately, a Pokemon Go player did have a particularly rare encounter with their Daily Adventure Incense, but it wasn’t the one they were hoping for.

Pokemon Go player finds a Shiny Pidgey

In a post on Reddit, player Tighnari shares an exciting, rare encounter found while using their Daily Adventure Incense. However, the find isn’t a Galarian Legendary Bird, but a Shiny Pidgey.

The post reads, “Finally caught one of the three mythical birds in the Daily Incense”, cheekily inferring that the Shiny Pidgey is one of the rare spawns for the Adventure Incense.

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While disappointing for those looking to find a Galarian Moltres, Zapdos, or Articuno, the Shiny Pidgey isn’t a poor prize for a 15-minute run with the Adventure Incense. In the comments, most Pokemon Go fans don’t have a problem finding the Shiny but take issue with the poor Kantonian Bird’s unfortunate coloration.

One fan comments, “No idea why they even bothered taking the time to recolor Shinies only to make them 2 shades off of the original. There’s so many anticlimactic shiny Pokemon. Grats all the same tho!”. At the same time, another adds, “Shiny Pidgey isn’t awful—I like it. Normally it’s red and a yellow/off white ish. This is gold, but I see the lack of significant changes you allude to. Beats the truly .01 shade different identical shiny Pokémon lol. Congrats OP!! My new shiny Pidgey says hello to your new shiny Pidgey :)”

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While the little Shiny isn’t what the player was hoping to find, a Galarian encounter will hopefully be in their future. In the meantime, a Shiny trophy to show off to friends or trade for a different rare species might be a good way to expand Pokemon collections.