Crazy lucky Pokemon Go player encounters all three Galarian Birds with one Daily Incense

Pokemon Go Galarian Bird Trick Adventure IncenseNiantic

A Pokemon Go player has had impossible luck with a Daily Adventure Incense use, encountering all three Galarian Legendary Birds in one use. With just one encounter considered rare, running into all three is almost unheard of.

Pokemon Go players are still on the hunt for Galarian Legendary Birds when using the Daily Adventure Incense while exploring. The rare birds, which can only be found while using the Incense, have been some of the hardest Pokemon to catch in the game, leaving many frustrated following unsuccessful encounters.

The Galarian Legendary Birds have a low spawn rate and high flee odds. Additionally, their catch chances are very low, making any successful catch a rare achievement. Fans have shared numerous tricks to catch the birds, but at this time, there is no way to know if any of them work.

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Despite how difficult it is to encounter and catch these rare Pokemon Go Legendaries, several players have shared harrowing stories of success after using their 15-minute Daily Adventure Incense. One particularly lucky player has shared a bittersweet set of encounters from a single Incense.

Pokemon Go player is the luckiest and unluckiest Incense user

In a Twitter post from Bonquisha888888, the Pokemon Go player shared a set of images that feature each of the three Galarian Birds. The post reads, “Wtf just got all 3 Galarian birds on the one incense.

All ran of course”.

The birds, which were weather-boosted, all had impressive stats. The Galarian Zapdos specifically had a shocking Pokemon Go CP of 3161. Unfortunately, the boost also made the birds harder to catch, leaving the lucky player empty-handed after each encounter.

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Fans in the comments share a mixture of shock and sorrow for the player, with one stating “Never do incense when they’re weather boosted. Save yourself from the pain” and another adding “Only seen 1 bird, the Moltres, since the day it was released. Use my incense every day too and the more I think about it, the less I want to keep trying to find any. I might play the lotto instead as chances seem better there!”

Pokemon Go players seem torn on the hunt for the Galarian Birds, with some using the Daily Adventure Incense every day, while others have given up their attempts to find the birds. Niantic may introduce another method of catching the birds in the future, but for those who manage to snag or encounter them during this time, it will always remain a rare and special experience.

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