Pokemon Go player lives dangerously by using Master Ball on a Bidoof

Chris Studley
Pokemon Go Bidoof Cup

While some Pokemon Go players would likely opt to use the Master Ball on a rare creature, others choose to act differently.

Pokemon Go players have more power in their hands nowadays, thanks to the addition of the Master Ball in May 2023. The Master Ball is objectively the best Pokeball in Go, as it allows the user to catch any Pokemon without fail.

But, rather than using it on a Legendary like Regigigas or Articuno, some players have decided to make use of the Master Ball in a different way.

One Pokemon player chose to use the highly-coveted item on a rather common monster that first made its appearance in the Sinnoh region.

An interesting Master Ball choice in Pokemon Go

In what’s turned into a rather viral video in recent days, a Pokemon Go and Twitter user by the name of Mike documented one way to use the highly-coveted Master Ball.

Mike decided to use his Master Ball on a beloved figure in the Pokemon world, but not a Legendary. Instead, it was used on a Bidoof.

The video was re-posted by YouTuber JTGilly and garnered over 200,000 views on YouTube as of June 4. Some did question its authenticity, but Mike later added on Twitter that it’s very much real.

To prove this, Mike recorded a brief video that featured him showing off the Bidoof in the Pokemon storage box. As shown in the video, one can clearly see that the Bidoof, aptly called Masterball, was caught in South Korea in May 2023 with a Master Ball.

The reaction to the video went about as one would expect. One YouTuber commented that Mike is “a real legend” for using the Master Ball on a Pokemon that has become a fan favorite since its addition to the Pokedex in the mid-2000s. Another player commented on Bidoof’s legendary status among fans, “How did they even encounter that it is THE RAREST POKÉMON ON EARTH.”

This is not the first time that Pokemon players have made unorthodox choices with the vaunted Master Ball. A few weeks earlier, a player went viral after using it on a Magikarp.